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Below are just a few screenshots and details of the websites we have designed and the options available for your own site. Please visit the ‘Pricing’ section for our website design package prices.

WordPress Website Design

website design

WordPress is a bit like Marmite – developers either love it or hate it. The WordPress system is the bare bones of the site which can be fleshed out with a choice of themes and by using the numerous widgets and plugins for WordPress sites. Plugins are available for site security; shopping cart; contact form; SEO; etc. The Nanatech site was created on a WordPress platform enhanced by a Woo Theme.

In our opinion, the beauty of a WordPress website is the Dashboard which gives the client content control. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. From the dashboard the client can manage the content of their site adding or removing new pages; products; etc, without any specialist knowledge. Images can be uploaded and products added or removed in seconds – perfect for a busy E-commerce site.

If you are interested in a WordPress website we would be pleased to discuss the options and costings for the site design, SEO, and installation. We would also provide step-by-step instructions for your WordPress Dashboard. Please visit the WordPress web site for more information on this versatile website building tool.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design      Mobile Friendly Site

With more people accessing the web from mobile devices it is now the perfect time to upgrade your existing site. There are various options available: Mobile Versioning – creating different versions of your site on the main url; Separate Mobile URL – a separate domain for mobile devices; Responsive Website Design – a one-stop site that renders well in all browsers.

The third option is possibly the best for SEO purposes and may be looked on more favourably by search engines, with no duplicate content issues. This method can produce an attractive and very user friendly mobile site. On Google Page Speed Insights this site scored 100/100 for User Experience on mobile browsers.

E-commerce Website Design

shop screensho2t      product screenshot
This very clean and elegant store design can be achieved by the addition of the Woocommerce plugin to any WordPress website. Various options are available for Payment Gateways and in this case the client chose to use the PayPal Gateway with the option for cheque payments.

Woocommerce is a straightforward e-commerce solution for featuring simple or variable products. The shop layout can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of a small starter business or an established online retailer with multiple products and categories.

Template Website Design

Blasts from the Past

There are many good quality templates available, which create a site with a clean professional appearance, although a knowledge of HTML would still be an advantage for the client. In the past we have created several template sites using products by Allwebco Design.

Most website templates have the option to add a shopping cart and are a simple way to kick-start your online retail business. Once installed you may still need your web designer’s help to update pages, products, etc, and this may not be an option if you have a fast turnover of stock.

HTML Website Design

dipetane IE

A simple static site can be developed from scratch, using basic HTML coding,  which would provide a presence on the web for your business or organisation. Ideal for a site that wouldn’t need to be changed on a regular basis but quite complicated for the client to update once the site is installed.

Please contact Nanatech for more details of WordPress website design; template websites; or basic HTML pages. Pricing details can be found under the ‘Resources’ section of the menu below. Website Design by – please visit my Google+ profile page.

Website Design with WordPress – Nanatech Grantham

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