Getting on with Google

As part of our website design and SEO package we will help you to set up a Google account and an accompanying Google My Business page. This is a free and important marketing tool and should not be ignored.

Before your business can appear on Google My Business and Google Maps you will first need a Google Account. This should show a photograph of you and some relevant details about your life and interests. When this is complete you will be able to register with Google My Business.

Having your business shown on Google My Business can only improve your ranking in the Google SERPs, so include well written content containing keywords, photos, videos and your website url. Also make sure your address is represented correctly on the Google Map.

Once Google have verified your email and address you can begin the serious business of linking your business pages to your website. You may have noticed that some of the listings in Google SERPs show a photograph of the author and others show a company logo. The difference is that the ‘author markup’ represents a person and the ‘publisher markup’ relates to a business or organisation.

For Google to recognise you as the author of a specific post or article you must have completed the necessary linking process from your personal Google+ profile and your post content should be full, rich and original – Google don’t take kindly to someone re-hashing other people’s work and claiming it as their own. If they think it is relevant they will include some of the ‘rich snippets’ in your search engine listings, sometimes with the addition of your photograph. This is a sure way to make your post or page stand out from other listings.

It’s a slightly different approach for businesses who possibly have several staff members contributing to their pages and may include content borrowed from their suppliers. It would be difficult and incorrect to claim authorship for such pieces and so the ‘publisher markup’ applies. This will help to establish your Company or your brand and again ‘rich snippets’ and an image of your Company logo could appear in your listing.

Google doesn’t guarantee that ‘rich snippets’ and photos will be added to every listing but getting on Google My Business will probably help your Google SERPs ranking.

By – Nanatech Website Design Grantham