Protecting WordPress Blogs and Sites

WordPress is among the most popular blogging platforms and attracts quite a lot of unwanted attention from hackers looking for vulnerabilities. Protecting WordPresss by enforcing strong passwords and by updating WordPress themes and plugins can help but I recommend using extra security methods for complete peace of mind.

The first step is to install a firewall which will act as a barrier between your site and other networks. One of the most popular plugins is the WordPress Firewall 2 which can be downloaded from your Dashboard and is simple to install. There are many other options so it pays to read the reviews and decide what is right for you.

Next you should install an additional security plugin which will help you enforce strong passwords; protect vulnerable areas of your site from hackers; prompt you to backup your files on a regular basis and generally secure your site against intruders. Again there are many options among the plugins, some more effective and easier to install than others, so it pays to do your homework.

As a ‘belt and braces’ option there are many plugins which will scan your site for malware and clean up if they find any. I personally use the Sucuri SiteCheck scanner, a free plugin that scans your site for malware and spam. If the scanner find malware present you can pay for Succuri to clean it up. The Sucurri scanner also looks to see if your site has been blacklisted by Google, Norton or McAfee and helps get you off those lists. All this might seem excessive but protecting WordPress is what’s important and certainly helps you sleep at night.

By – Nanatech Website Design Grantham