Web Design History

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I began designing websites approximately 20 years ago when I built a site for the housewares company I ran with my husband. The first site was built using Microsoft Publisher with very basic results. Dissatisfied with my first attempt I enrolled at a local college for a course in HTML site design. Back then website design and development was a labour of love using HTML and Javascript; the client had very little control over the finished site unless they had a basic knowledge of the coding.

Today there are many more opportunities for the client to be involved in updating their site once the installation is completed. There are a host of ready made templates and website management has been simplified even more with CMS; my own site is based on a WordPress platform - a Content Management System which allows the client to manage site content using the WordPress Dashboard. The resulting website can be as complicated or as simple as the client requires.

About WordPress

Like most website designers I have to admit that I was, at first, not keen on WordPress as, quite frankly, I considered using it to be cheating. However, after using the WordPress platform for some time I am now a fan and realise the potential of this versatile system. I have the expertise to edit the files and create a unique site and with the addition of the many and varied plugins the resulting website can be designed to fulfill all the client's requirements.

Future Goals

I am now officially retired from the world of retail but this gives me the opportunity to indulge in my passion for website design and all things technical. I have helped many friends with the daunting task of taming their computers, sending emails and getting to grips with browsing the internet. Silver Surfers are coming into their own and I intend to be out there with them.

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